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Raped and my rapist was let go due to failures by the police.

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When i reported a rape to Nottingham Police, they took a statement then after 6 months of slow investigation, failure to speak to witnesses and an abusive officer they failed to investigate.

As a male I found reporting a rape for over 2 years very distressing and when I finally found the courage to report it to Nottinghamshire Police, they said they'd investigate the matter and speak to the suspect. After months of waiting they contacted me back because my partner had mentioned the case on social media.

The investigating officer then threatened my partner for his comments on social that was absolutely true and told him if he commented again he'd be arrested and charged. Which I believe is corruption, they closed my case without interviewing any witness or even taking statements but my partner is charged with TELLING THE TRUTH on Facebook about Police Corruption and Neglect and facing court in a few months.

Weeks later the officer called me and told me that the case had been closed to "lack of evidence"

I tried to report my concern to the Professional Standards Directorate but was basically shushed by them as they was protecting their officers as the officers had not even spoke to any witnesses.

The officer had not only closed a rape case without proper questioning but she also did not get statements from any of the witnesses mentioned in my statement. I, myself find that the officer did not do a detailed investigation. A open and shut case.

Do you think Nottinghamshire Police did right? I don't! Do you think they're corrupt? I do! They have let a rapist walk free on the streets of Nottingham. Who knows when he may strike again?

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