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Knife Crime: Is the government acting correctly?

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Knife Crime is a rising issue in the United Kingdom and the government seem to be not acting. They claim to care about this matter but they've not take action against the issue.

Over the past few years Knife Crime has risen, the government do not seem to be taking action against this devastating type of crime and have not at this moment added legislation for corporations and local shops to take action.

In 2018 there was over 276 fatal stabbings across the UK which makes you wonder if Knife Crime has became about Profit for companies.

One victim who was threatened with a knife in 2010 was told by the investigating officer that there was nothing they could do because "it was your word against theirs"

With the upcoming Offensive Weapons Bill passing through parliament many people are wondering if this is enough to deter violent criminals from Knife Crime.

We're seeing on a daily basis that Knife Crime is rising and the police are stretched and cannot deal with it.

Police: Funding Cut
NHS: Funding Cut
Government: MP Wages Rise

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