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  1. Hi everyone, We're happy to announce our community is now open. Register or Login today and start creating posts for the world to see!
  2. Knife Crime is a rising issue in the United Kingdom and the government seem to be not acting. They claim to care about this matter but they've not take action against the issue. Over the past few years Knife Crime has risen, the government do not seem to be taking action against this devastating type of crime and have not at this moment added legislation for corporations and local shops to take action. In 2018 there was over 276 fatal stabbings across the UK which makes you wonder if Knife Crime has became about Profit for companies. One victim who was threatened with a knife in 2010 was told by the investigating officer that there was nothing they could do because "it was your word against theirs" With the upcoming Offensive Weapons Bill passing through parliament many people are wondering if this is enough to deter violent criminals from Knife Crime. We're seeing on a daily basis that Knife Crime is rising and the police are stretched and cannot deal with it. Police: Funding Cut NHS: Funding Cut Government: MP Wages Rise
  3. When our reader attended a volunteer interview, they was subjected to Human Rights Violations, Corruption and Bias by the officers of Nottinghamshire Police. Upon complaining it was swept under the rug and the truth was hidden. Our victims, we'll call them Victim A and Victim B to protect their identity contacted us after Victim A was subject to Domestic Violence for 3 and a half years and Victim B was subject to serious sexual assault. Victim A and B contacted Nottinghamshire Police in regards to this matter and was approached by 2 police officers who claimed to investigate the matter. They soon realised this wasn't the case. Our reader (Victim A) was then questioned under caution for reporting information about his attacks on Facebook about his domestic violence abuser and was questioned by Nottinghamshire Police who refused to allow him access to a toilet (against his Human Rights) and overheard the officer say "I'm taking this to the CPS regardless of his account" Which victim A believes is corruption and failure of duty and was called a liar by the police when he explained his side of the story. Victim B was also subject to abuse by the police after he attended the interview with Victim A as support and was forced to stay outside the police station in the rain although he is a Terminal Cancer patient and ended up stood in the rain for over an hour and 20 minutes. Victim A after his abusive interview with the police officer then proceeded to contact the Department for Professional Standards at Nottinghamshire Police and then was contacted by the police officer he reported about his complaint. He refused to discuss this matter with the officer and was handed to her sergeant. Victim A then was on the phone for over 40 minutes being coerced by the sergeant about the complaint and felt like he was being told to drop it. Victim A was charged with Harrassment for speaking about his side of the story on social media against the police and suspect whilst Nottinghamshire Police failed in their duty to uphold and correctly investigate Victim A and Victim B's cases without interviewing any witnesses or people with information about the cases and hid the cases on the backburner. Nottinghamshire Police have failed to comment or provide a statement to this matter. Victims A and B have submitted this information to Exposed to get their side heard.